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To apply for Water Provision services you need to:

  • Complete an Application for Water Services Form. Make sure that you include the owners signature (if you are leasing), specify when you want the service to be connected and attach copies of the Lease Agreement and your ID.
  • If the erf is registered as a CC, applicants need to attach a copy of the Founding Statement, the members’ permission, ID’s and signatures.
  • If you intend connecting services for a business, a copy of the business certificate is required.
  • If an applicant is connecting services on behalf of a business or individual, a copy of the Power of Attorney must be attached.

It is the responsibility of the account holder to ensure that his/her municipal account is paid before the due date. Failing to pay your municipal account on time could lead to your water supply being cut-off. Failing to settle accounts in arrears can lead to legal action being taken against you. The tenant is billed for the water consumption, sewage purification and refuse services. If the tenant absconds or moves out without paying his/her municipal account, the owner is responsible for settling the outstanding municipal account.

Water Meters

The owner of a property must ensure that the water meter is accessible.  When a water meter can not be accessed, an estimate reading is determined by comparing the water consumption trends of the previous months’ readings. The property owner is responsible for any leakages at water meters or water pipelines in his/her erf.  It is a criminal offense to tamper with or remove a water meter, or to reconnect the water supply after such services have been suspended.


The Municipality is responsible for providing basic services to everyone living inside its jurisdiction. These services include water, refuse removal and sewerage and other services such as roads, traffic control, public parks, cemeteries etc. In order to provide these services, the Municipality charges residents rates on property. Property rates are paid by owners of all kinds of real property, including commercial, industrial, residential, agricultural and government property.

The municipal value of your property is determined by an independent valuer, registered at the institution for professional valuers.  Your property rates are calculated by multiplying the applicable rate with property and improvement values of your property.

The calculation is as follows:
(Rate x Property Value p/a) + (Rate x Improvement Value p/a) = (Total property tax p/a)


All businesses must register with the Municipality in terms of section 94(1) of the Local Authorities Act (Act no 23 of 1992) to obtain a Fitness/Business Registration Certificate. “Business” means any activity operated or conducted for the profit or gain of any person, or is operated or conducted by a non-profit organization, and includes any profession, occupation, trade or industry. Therefore, businesses that need to be registered include all types of traders, manufacturers, home-based general dealers, home industries, day care centres, service providers and occupations such as nurses, tutors, architects, divers, and real estate agents.


Otjiwarongo Municipality is experiencing an increase in the submission of new building plans for new buildings as well as extensions to existing properties for approval. Lately several buildings and extensions to properties is being built without approved building plans.

Furthermore some property owners submit building plans for extensions of a single residential house and after a completion certificate was issued, they alter the property by adding some doors, a kitchen etc. and then by that action illegally created a flat or a second dwelling to rent. This illegal activities cause overcrowding, non-compliance to our Town Planning Amendment Scheme and pressure on our service delivery as well as complaints from neighbours etc.

We received frequently applications for as-build drawings to be approved after it was initially submitted to banks for housing loans. The banks picked up that the building plans were not approved or altered and subsequently reject the housing loan applications. Therefore no properties in Otjiwarongo Municipality area can be transferred, without a building compliance certificate.
Any person who intends erecting any building, whether permanent or temporary, must make a written application to the Municipality.  Construction may only start once you have submitted buildings plan and you are in possession of a Building Permit.  It is compulsory to keep a set of the building plans and drawings at the construction site at all times. The plans must be kept in a legible condition and should be available for scrutiny at any time.

Refuse Removal

The Municipality collects refuse from the various suburbs on a daily basis. Residents should note however that only household refuse is removed from properties. Residents and building contractors must take garden refuse and building rubble to the landfill site. The municipal refuse removal teams will not collect garden refuse or building material. Similarly, refuse may not be dumped on vacant erven, on the outskirts of town or on other open spaces.


Council on its meeting of the 14th of August 2014 by Resolution NR 8.10 resolved as follow;

Guidelines for charging of betterment fees as per table below;

Otjiwarongo Municipal Betterment fees

Institutional, private open space – no subsidized price Residential 1
Residential 2 50%
Institutional, private open space – no subsidized price Office, Business 50%
Institutional, private open space – subsidized price applicable Any other zoning 75%
Where land had been provided at a subsidized value which is not going to be recovered in any other way.
Residential 1 Higher density residential 20%
Residential 1 Residential 2 20%
Residential 1, Residential 2 Office or Business 40%
Residential 1, Residential 2, business Industrial 30%
Office Business 30%
Office or Business Increase in bulk 30%
Any zone Institutional No betterment fee
Any zone Special On own merits up to 50%
Undetermined Agriculture Any zone 30%
Special Any zone No betterment fee
Any zone – where an unauthorized activity or illegal building works is being legalized Any zone 75%
Only when legalized use is authorized in terms of the scheme. (Unauthorized uses to be terminated if not compatible with surrounding land uses)
State (Owned by Government) Any zone No betterment fee payable provided land is and remains in State ownership
State (state owned enterprises) Any zone Betterment fee based on existing legal usage before rezoning.
Municipal Any zone No betterment fee
Township development on private land Any zone 30%

Deposit prepayment system
Applicants who receive approval from the Town Council will be required to pay a deposit into a suspense account prior to a rezoning being included in an amendment scheme.
There would then be no ambiguity about who is liable for payment of the betterment fee. The prepayment system is particularly justified in those cases where an applicant may receive consent to commence operations or where operations have been illegally initiated. Any difference in excess between the deposit paid and the eventual betterment fee approved will be refunded. Section 30(1)(u) of the Local Authorities Act 23 of 1992 gives a local authority council the right to claim a deposit as a security for payment of any charges, fees or other moneys.
However, deposits paid to the Town Council will earn interest similar to what the local authority is charging.

Municipal approval of consent uses while rezoning is in process

It is common practice to allow applicants who request rezoning of land, to use the property for the new zoning while the rezoning application is processed. This practice might lead to legal action since objection can still be lodged against the new zoning when the amendment scheme is advertised for comments or objections. Council regards consent uses as temporary uses and the Council is further of the opinion that structural changes to buildings or new buildings may not be constructed before the actual rezoning is affected. Applicants is advice of the possibility of objections to their rezoning s when the Amendment Scheme are advertised and a continuance of the development before the Amendment Scheme has been promulgated could place the development at risk, if the objections are upheld.


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