Our Mandate

The Mandate of the LAs is provided for in section 30 of the LAs Act [Act No 23 of 1992] as amended subject to part VI to part XII, which includes; supply of water, sewerage and drainage, cemeteries, streets and public places, housing schemes, immovable property of LAs council, valuation of retainable property within LA areas and rates of rate-able property.

Mission Statement

Otjiwarongo Municipality exists to serve one united community in a highly responsive, committed and efficient customer friendly environment to achieve growth and prosperity.

Vision Statement

We commit to make Otjiwarongo a vibrant socio-economic powerhouse

Administrative Departments

The Municipality of Otjiwarongo in line with the Five Year Strategic Plan has embarked upon the establishment of a Front Office and Back Office System. The aim of this office set up is to create a one-stop information center where customers could be provided with the information and services that they need. The objective is to provide effective and efficient service to all our customers.

The services of the municipality are decentralized with the branch in Orwetoveni which is providing the same services offered by the head office. Another office located near the informal area next to the satellite police station, also offers services for customers in that area especially queries on municipal services and low cost housing. NATIS is another office linked to the Front Office concept and it is responsible for vehicle testing and registration.

The Municipality of Otjiwarongo is responsible for thew well being of the town residents, its’ growth, management and development. As such the municipality is obligated to provide certain basic services including:

Efforts to boost the economy and enhance human empowerment through job creation, and to promote investments.

  • Environmental Health
    The health and well-being of the community comprising cleaning, food hygiene, vector control.
  • Community involvement
    Various services and projects to promote greater involvement of the community in the day-to-day running of the town through representation on joint public and municipal forums.
  • Otjiwarongo Multi-Purpose Help Centre
    Addressing social issues range from HIV/AIDS to substance abuse and poverty in partnership with the community, regional local authorities and international donors.


  • The Emergency Services section is formulated around functions such as emergencies, safety, security, and loss control and disaster management.
  • Engineering
    The Engineering department of the Otjiwarongo Municipality is responsible for the town’s infrastructure, water, sewerage and technical services.


  • Water
    Providing clean drinking water to the community including to those living in the informal areas. The provision of pre-paid water infrastructure has been one of the notable achievements of the Council.
  • Human Resources
    Human Resources Development is one of the priorities of the council. During the past 5 years the Municipality of Otjiwarongo has intensified capacity building in terms of continuous learning, skills development and training including in-service. More staff members are now benefiting from the study loans offered by the Municipal while some have so far graduated in various academic fields.
  • Finance
    The major objectives and focus of Council on finance is to increase the revenue base by creating measures for cost recovery as well as capitalizing on the strategic location of the town.  Council approved the budget for the previous financial year based on the following concepts:
    –          Affordable services at a cost recovery basis
    –          Attracting and promoting investment
    –          Alleviating poverty by job creation and skills enhancement for local residents
    –          Creating a crime free and safe environment
    –          Corporate image and integrity of the town
  • Tariffs
    The establishment of CENORED had a major impact on the budget process to finance and balance operational activities and future capital developments. It is against this background that Council approves the approach to recover all costs associated with products and processes that the Otjiwarongo Municipality delivers to its customers. The impact of this process is that certain tariffs will have to increase substantially in order to recover costs that in the past used to be subsidized by electricity prior to the establishment of CENORED. The adjustment on tariffs will be done in phases over future budget years to minimize the impact on the residents of Otjiwarongo. The inflation rate of 5% was applied as benchmark to increase tariffs where practical.


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